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wbloon Avatar
wbloon wrote: Apr 10, 2021 14:46:58 GMT -8
Essentially a new build:
MB: Gigabyte Aorus Ultra
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5600X
RAM: 4x8=32GB
Two 1Tb M.2 NVMe SSD PCIe 4.0

Plan was to configure the two SSDs, in RAID 1, as the new “C” drive.
Was able to get into BIOS on first few attempts but the Gigabyte manua
greggg Avatar
greggg wrote: Apr 9, 2021 15:00:14 GMT -8
Can anyone tell me the secret to getting gigabyte repair service to answer my attempts at contacting them? I want an X470 aorus board fixed ( cannot install windows) and am willing to pay for the work but I cannot connect with I guess, gigabyte...central
toriga Avatar
toriga wrote: Apr 9, 2021 10:43:19 GMT -8
From when i installed F33, i have my headset wireless of logitech that disconnect every 2 minutes and wifi that disconnect every 1 hour. Today i installed F33I and now my AUDIO CRACKLING. GYGABYTE FIX YOUR BIOS, I PAID MORE OF 400 EUR FOR THIS MOTHERBOARD. *
kshipper Avatar
kshipper wrote: Apr 4, 2021 20:34:45 GMT -8
belmonte: Estoy usando el traductor de Google para comprender lo que me pregunta. ¿Cómo podemos ayudar?
belmonte Avatar
belmonte wrote: Apr 2, 2021 1:34:40 GMT -8
Deseo presentarme pero es imposible escribir un post.
belmonte Avatar
belmonte wrote: Apr 2, 2021 1:34:16 GMT -8
No puedo escribir, soy nuevo y necesito ayuda por favor, soy cliente de hace muchos años de Gigabyte y Fan.
bamainark Avatar
bamainark wrote: Apr 1, 2021 11:53:17 GMT -8
okie....to get better responses please post in the AM4 forum if you can. Much easier to follow. It's unclear but it appears you are not getting any video during Post? If so drivers are not your issue. Sounds like a hardware problem
okie Avatar
okie wrote: Mar 31, 2021 20:14:07 GMT -8
what other info sources are available to find answers re video out from the x570 MB with the Ryzen 5 5600x CPU
okie Avatar
okie wrote: Mar 30, 2021 17:07:05 GMT -8
I have learned that I have to download drivers to use the VisionTek Card. I cant install an op system until I have video.A catch 22! What make or kind of video card will interface directly with my MB on startup while I am in the pre op system mode?
okie Avatar
okie wrote: Mar 30, 2021 10:18:09 GMT -8
Can anyone recommend a simple video card to get the gear referenced earlier that will get my new PC up and running? I can’t get any info from vision tek re their card Radeon hd 5450 2gb
juscuziam Avatar
juscuziam wrote: Mar 29, 2021 21:13:48 GMT -8
I did I guess I got no response maybe the wrong form perhaps?
okie Avatar
okie wrote: Mar 29, 2021 20:45:54 GMT -8
I installed a Dell Vision Tek (I ran out of letters before I could include it earlier) I have a 6 GB Geoforce GTX 1060 I will eventually install but I will have to remove it from my working PC - which I will do after I get the new PC running
kshipper Avatar
kshipper wrote: Mar 29, 2021 20:31:22 GMT -8
OKie: No video card? You need one! Those ports on the motherboard do nothing with that CPU.
okie Avatar
okie wrote: Mar 29, 2021 20:17:53 GMT -8
my NEW pc - A x570 Aorus Elite WIFI MB; Ryzon 5 5600X; 500 GB samsung SSD 980 pro pcie4.0 nvme m2;32GB Cosair DDR4 and Cosair750 x. Applied bare board bios up date to F32 using QFLASH.Assembled, powerup,everything running but no video. What to do next?
bigdave Avatar
bigdave wrote: Mar 29, 2021 7:09:40 GMT -8
juscuziam, Please create a post under the Z490 topic.
juscuziam Avatar
juscuziam wrote: Mar 28, 2021 18:57:40 GMT -8
I bought a new system and ben years since i built a pc, lots has changed. I have a z490 master, aorus liquid cooler and a straight power 11 850. All connected as i believe it should be. when i power on fans come on the it clicks then shuts off, then repets
bigdave Avatar
bigdave wrote: Mar 28, 2021 18:29:41 GMT -8
juscuziam, what is the question?
juscuziam Avatar
juscuziam wrote: Mar 28, 2021 17:08:49 GMT -8
I have a z490 and in the middle of a build need a quick question answered regarding power cable connections
kshipper Avatar
kshipper wrote: Mar 28, 2021 16:26:06 GMT -8
Tef: Great! =)
tof Avatar
tof wrote: Mar 28, 2021 13:43:23 GMT -8
Found it.. :(
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